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In the United Kingdom all telephone numbers are administered by The Office of Communications. This official governmental body establishes and enforces the conditions that must be abided by all telecommunication providers. It also monitors compliance with UK rules and regulations.

Ofcom is in charge of creating a unified telephone numbering plan that is a nationwide system for assigning telephone numbers to subscribers. Having said that, home or business land line numbers in the UK usually start with 01 or 02, arranged into a variety of local area codes often used to identify geographical region where the call is going to or where it originates from. There are numerous dialling codes in the UK which means that is it almost impossible to keep track of all of them. With that in mind, the developers behind decided to put together an all-encompassing virtual repository of knowledge for UK dialling codes that contains all area codes from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. This platform aims to limit the time the Internet users spend on looking up current and up-to-date dialling codes. It sets out to make the search process easy, convenient and enjoyable. From now on, the users do not have to go to several unintuitive resources or endlessly browse complicated registries only to find small, yet necessary piece of information they are looking for. Thanks to finding UK dialling codes has never been so simple.

When you first enter you immediately notice that the website looks modern and minimal. It adopts bold, yet elegant colour scheme that looks professional and invites you to explore the platform further. On the home page the users are greeted with a short introduction briefly touching upon the history of UK area codes. The website is divided into four sections referenced in the top panel – there is a section for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. When you click on the name of the region you will be redirected to a dedicated page that contains alphabetically organised list of geographic areas and their corresponding area codes. You can enter the database records to find out more details about the area code of your choice. The records of each dialling code contain list of places, towns and cities that it covers. At the bottom of this section you will find an overview of the area code information such as the name of the region, local and international telephone number format, local number digits and geographical coordinates. There is also a handy Google-powered map that helps you visualise the area covered by the dialling code.

Everyone searching for a certain area code can use the platform completely free of charge. The users do not need to set up an account or provide any personal details to enjoy full unlimited access to all site’s functionalities. On the top of that, there are no annoying pop-up adds or flashy commercials. The platform is compatible with all modern portable devices – from smartphones to tablets – which means that you can have this invaluable resource always at your fingertips. The data published on has been pulled from official registries and government websites for maximum accuracy. It is the ultimate resource you will ever need to validate dialling codes for UK phone numbers.

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