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Introducing Scraper

Are you looking for limited companies’ data for sales purposes but you have no idea how to go about it? We have data on new companies, on companies with significant resources, and we can filter the data in many ways. We offer scraping services for all types of limited companies – whether they are private or public limited companies. The process involves gathering information such as name, address, contact details, directors, shareholders, etc., which helps us provide our clients with an accurate list of their target companies. How can that help you? This is where Scraper comes in. You can scrape the data and gather exactly what you need, and filter it as you please.

Why is it worth it?

1. It can be cheaper than already available data
2. We have historical data about companies starting in 2012
3. The output can be a CSV file or any other - XLS, Google Sheets, API, Zapier, etc.
4. It is ease-to-use - it's a basic tool with 2-3 options. Either you enter SIC code, date, or location and press a button to see/download/export results

How does it work?

Let's say you are interested in new companies in a 50-mile radius for a given post-code with a specific SIC Code. Enter: 41202: Construction of domestic buildings, and let Scraper do its magic. The results you received will include company name, people with significant control, address, or managing directors.

It's easy to use

Scraper's features include a powerful web-based interface with just 2-3 options: input, output, and type of file (CSV, XLS, Google Sheets API). There are no confusing steps or difficult settings. It has been designed from the ground up for ease of use.

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